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Welcome to Harjeeve Kandhari’s Blogger page, the ideal place for you to keep up to date with the latest news from the London and Dubai-based entrepreneur. Read on to find out about the work that Mr. Kandhari does within the tyre industry to set his company, Zenises, apart from their competition as well as the charitable initiatives that Zenises conduct across the globe. 

Graduating with a master’s degree from Oxford, Mr. Kandhari then entered investment banking at Merrill Lynch. Developing extensive experience in tech, finance, and telecom sectors, Mr. Kandhari was one of the original founders of New Media Spark, the UK based technology private equity firm.

Returning to Dubai to develop the family business, Mr. Kandhari overhauled the company, transforming its fortunes. With a new emphasis on European and Chinese markets, the company was able to rise as a formidable industry presence. After moving on to form his own company, Zenises, he’s continued to rise to prominence as an industry expert and commentator. 

A keen philanthropist, Harjeeve Kandhari now utilises the position and influence of his Zenises to make a difference. One of Zenises’ mission statements is ‘what can we do to make the world a better place?’, and they run several notable initiatives to this end. 

One such example is the Z Aspire foundation, which focuses on the education of children in some of the poorest parts of Asia and Europe, particularly on the Indian sub-continent. The foundation works with underprivileged children to support their aspirations and help them achieve their goals, as well as allowing them to explore their creative potential and grow in confidence as a person. One story which represents the success of the foundation is that of Gurpreet Kaur. Gurpreet was split up from her family at a young age, and the Z Aspire team stepped in to adopt and mentor her, helping her through school and University as well as the master’s degree which she is currently undertaking. She has also started a career in IT and in her spare time writes poetry and explores her passion for photography. Stories like Gurpreet’s are hugely rewarding for the foundation, and offer hope to the many children affected by poverty.

To find out more about Harjeeve Kandhari’s work and to receive updates on all of Zenises’ latest innovative products, follow this page today.

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